i can’t wait to fall in love…

beautiful. i love love.
isokaynow: i want to buy theseeeee pleasee sell these!

i wish i could!

Requested by jackieduguay
yeastl0rds-deactivated20120617: sooo these aren't real sweaters? *dies inside* hbrjdfnvgehjskbvhjzverhsd

nope. sorry :(

I’m only going to make sweaters by request, so get to it.

farttit: ouu i like the tay swift sweater you made :), i'll find a picture of her that i'd like to see ahhaa, too bad they arent for sale though? :(

i know ;)

but thanks!

jodiegoon: i dont understand, are these just pictures of sweaters, or can we actually buy these?

they are sweaters that i photoshop pictures onto. and no, they are not for sale.